The premier platform for trading regulated digitized alternative assets.

Our ATS is designed for alternative assets and token-based securities and allows for regulated secondary market trading.

OpenFinance Network is a U.S. regulated trading platform for digital alternative assets.

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What We Do

U.S. Based. Venture Backed.
Founded by Industry Veterans.

We work with the leading brokerage houses, custodians, transfer agents and banks. Since 2014, our team of exchange technologists, securities lawyers, and trading veterans has been innovating in alternative assets and pioneering new technology in the industry. Our goal is to bring efficiency, transparency, and interoperability to a fragmented marketplace.

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Tokenized Trading

Common Protocol. Data Standardization. Asset Interoperability
With the emergence of "crypto" alt assets and the industry shift towards a ledger based book-entry process, the need for standardization and interoperability with alternative assets is greater than ever. Our system is designed for traditional alternative assets and token-based securities, and allows for a streamlined compliant process for secondary market trading. Direct integrations with financial institutions such as broker-dealers, custodians and transfer agents provide a bridge to the on-chain crypto capital markets.

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Investor Passport

The Investor Passport allows users to perform AML, KYC, suitability and accreditation verification once with a system Validator, and then utilize that passport with other service providers in the ecosystem. This creates an enhanced, secure, and global compliance process that improves investor protections and security, along with increased privacy of sensitive investor data.


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