OpenFinance Network FAQs

General Questions

The OpenFinance Network is a trading platform and ecosystem for security tokens.
OFN is designed to create a secondary market for traditional non-listed alternative assets and token-based securities that is both efficient and compliant.
OFN works with investors who hold assets in the $7.7T alternative asset market (e.g. hedge funds, private equity, limited partnerships, non-listed REITs, business development companies (BDCs), Regulation D, Regulation A+, Regulation CF and other crowdfunded assets). We are designed to integrate directly with the brokers, custodians, and transfer agents who participate in this space.
You can see and complete the application process at It is a simple 12-part questionnaire to determine listing eligibility.

For more information on listing a security token and additional insight into how we evaluate security tokens, you can view the framework here:
While we figure out a third party custody provider, OFN implements self custody via Metamask.
OpenFinance runs centralized matching with on-chain, decentralized p2p settlement.
You do not need to be accredited to open an account on OFN.
CFX Markets is the ATS that powers OFN’s trading platform. CFX Markets started as a trading platform for alternative assets. We share the same team, technology, and overall mission.
Securities are offered through Sageworks Capital, LLC, an affiliated entity, and a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. CFX Markets is an ATS.

Trading Questions

  • 2.5% to the Buyer (1.5% with OFN token)
  • 1.5% to the Seller ( .5% with OFN token)
Day 1, everything will be in USD. We plan on soon having ETH, BTC, and XLM.
We have a full brokerage API and our exchange API is currently in production.
  • Market order executes the desired quantity at market price.
  • Limit order will only execute at a certain price.
  • Stop order will execute at market price after a certain limit is reached.
Clearing is instant, and settlement takes the time of a typical Ethereum block, 5-10 seconds. Confirmation happens after 10 blocks.

Identity Questions

Investor Passport is your AML/KYC and investor accreditation service for OFN. It will serve as a single sign on button with two factor authentication (2FA) allowing you to access all of OFN’s partner services.
Investor Passport works in conjunction with metamask and Oauth. It verifies your identity and creates a compliant gateway to the financial world.
We do all Accreditation in house, through our trading desk.

Accepted Security Token Standards Questions

All standards that we accept on the platform trade without issue.
S3 is a protocol and library of smart contracts that implements regulatory governance. It is open source, interoperable, and upgradable.

Team Questions

We are in Chicago, with people in Los Angeles, New York, and Denver.
Yes! Contact: